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Communities of all sizes, whether local, regional, or Indigenous, face questions and challenges for growth, while working to maintain the vibrancy and innovation necessary to be at the forefront of an increasingly competitive global community. Local leaders know that the choices they make today will have a lasting impact on the community of tomorrow. They are forced to make difficult decisions, balancing the need for innovation and challenging the status quo with sound, trusted policies to ensure that citizens’ needs and concerns are met. In order to best serve the community, both today and into the future, leaders need to be creative and resourceful, considering new options and different ideas on collaboration to find new, unique, and viable ways of addressing these issues. 

The 2020 BC Economic Summit, will feature a carefully-selected collection of speakers, case studies and best practices, culled from around BC and beyond. Energizing Economic Development through Collaboration will bring together diverse perspectives on community revitalization, to help leaders identify potential opportunities and to inspire new ways of thinking about local challenges and increased teamwork and collaboration.  

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02:00 PM Mar 8 - 10:00 PM Mar 10, 2019Ashleigh Volcz

ABM Indigenous connects Indigenous and non-Indigenous decision makers to create opportunities for business. It is a powerful technology-facilitated business matching forum with events held across Canada. ABM provides decision makers in charge of economic and business development with a competitive edge in the market. ABM combines customized technology with effective market knowledge to help delegates find and connect with specific opportunities for success. ABM encourages representatives from Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities to use the event to jointly pursue opportunities and attract investment in the the context of their regional economies. 

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1 pm Monday to 4.30 pm WednesdayKatrin Harry

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