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Events in the month of November 2020
Direction to start:
Take Haggerty Road south from I-94 into Lower Huron Metro Park where the road name changes to S. Metropolitan Parkway. 
After passing the park entrance toll both, proceed 2.6 miles south and turn right at the Turtle Cove Aquatic Center sign.
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40 Mile Route: Meet at Lower Huron Metropark - Turtle Cove Family Aquatic Center, 40151 E Huron River Dr, at 10:00AM (Oct-Nov)
The paved trail follows the Huron river basin through Lower Huron, Willow, Oakwoods, Lake Erie Metroparks and the communities of Flat Rock, Brownstown and Gibraltar to the 
Lake Erie shoreline.

32 Mile Route: Meet at Willow Metropark - Washago Pond, 23200 S. Huron Road at 10:30AM (Oct-Nov). Directions: 94 East to I-275 SOUTH and exit 11A for South Huron Road. This exit leads directly into the park. Once in the park, take the first left to Washago Pond where there is a restroom pavilion, pond and parking lot. The longer bike route group will meet the 32 mile group on the bike path by the Pavilion. 

October 11 Ride leaders:  Lynn Babcock <clbabcock74@gmail.com> 734-546-1047​ and John Reiter.

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