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Events in the month of August 2019
In the mood for a intramural fun race with a bit of a competitive edge? We are planning a new intramural race event for the afternoon of Saturday, August 3rd and thought we’d reach out to see if you, or a crew of your choosing, might be interested.  The event will be open to all members, including youth and adults. In fact we havea few boats of 7th right through 11th grade students.  I am pretty sure they think they can finish before you?! I would love to encourage them to try their best, and just a little bit of me hopes there are a few adult boats up to the challenge and that we beat them even by a stroke or two...  

Format will depend upon turnout - there’s a high tide that will permit a Gulf race if we have up to 5 boats, or we can run heats in the outer harbor if we have more than 5.  Some mixture of the two is also an option.  Regardless of the race course, stay afterwards for a gathering to celebrate all rowers with food and beverages.  

Please email and let us know by July 23rd if you’re interested.  

We’d love to have you join us!! 


Coxn Appreciation Night is Tuesday August 13th from 6-8pm.  This is an evening where we give thanks to all the above and beyond efforts of our coxswains.  We have been so fortunate this year to have a legacy of young adults who most started with CMI years ago and earned their way to becoming top coxswains.  They have done a phenomenal job not only steering and coaching their boats- adult and young- but teaching and motivating what we hope are next year’s or the year after’s, etc.. coxswains!  This is also an evening where we award our CMI Scholarships to our talented college/university bound rowers.  We will provide pizza and water and we would welcome attendees with last names A-L bring salads while M-Z bring desserts.  Also feel free to bring a chair to sit back and enjoy your food, the view and the celebration.

8/14/2019 - 9/9/2019

Please join us for Youth Fall Rowing at CMI 2019.

This program is an intense 3 day a week program for experienced youth rowers who are serious about conditioning, technique improvement and racing. Students going into 7th grade-Seniors in HS are included in this program.  Should the session fill up, it will be the coach's decision as to whether we can add another session depending on experience levels.

This year we aim to enter the Weir River Race again, where our youth have broke records for the last 3 years!!

Youth Fall rowing will run for 7 weeks starting Monday 9/9/19 and finishing Friday 10/26/19. We will meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:30-5:30 at the CMI boat house.
The fee for this session is $325.00

Since we have limited spaces available for the Fall session attendance is mandatory, any expected missed days must be shared before training starts 9/9/19. Sickness being the only exception to this rule.

Any questions about the Youth Fall season should be directed to John Liffmann at


8/17/2019 - 8/19/2019
Whether you are rowing this last weekend in Summer Season adult rowing or not, please feel free to come by between 7:30-10:45 on Saturday or 8-10:45 on Sunday for Rower Appreciation Treats & Coffee.  It has been a great summer and we want to say Thank You for your energy and participation!

Come join us for the 3rd annual Harbor Islands Row on August 24!  We can explore the islands from the water and stop off one one or more of them and explore on foot. 

Rowers will gather at CMI at 10:00 to load the boats onto trailers and drive to Hull to launch. Bring a lunch, sunscreen and a camera in a dry bag. The row out is about the same distance as from the Parker Ave launch in Cohasset to Minot’s Light - a decent row, but something everyone can achieve.  We’d expect to be back ashore in Hull by around 3:00ish and back to CMI by about 4:00 pm. 

We can take as many as all 5 boats if enough  rowers are interested.  Please respond to If you have a full crew of four, please let us know, but individuals are definitely welcome and encouraged and can be sorted into boats. 

We will need tow vehicles and drivers to get the boats to and from Hull. If you’re able to help, please let Mark FitzGerald know via email to

So we know how many cox’ns we need and how many trailers and drivers, please respond by August 16, thanks!

Weather backup date is Sunday, 8/25. 

Hope to see you there!