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Date/Time Submitted: 03/05/2017 9:49pm
Name: Tanja Rauch-Williams
Affliation: Carollo Engineers

Title of Request: Internship

What is your need?: Internship Opportunity
Please provide a description of your need. : Looking for a summer intern in the Broomfield office to support wastewater related R&D work.

Date/Time Submitted: 01/12/2017 10:44pm
Name: Tanja Rauch-Williams
Affliation: on behalf of the City of Greeley

Title of Request: Entry Level Position for CEE Undergraduate

What is your need?: Other
Please provide a description of your need. : The City of Greeley's Bellvue Water Treatment Plant, located just north of Fort Collins, is looking to hire at least one Seasonal Full or Part-Time employee. Please pass on this job posting information to students who may be looking for an entry level job in a water related field.

The link above is our job posting.

We would like to conduct interviews in the very near future.

Those that are interested should be able to review the job description and apply for the job from the link provided.

This is a great place to work.

Each seasonal employee will be involved in every aspect of what we do here, and gain experience in water chemistry, mechanics, hydraulics, maintenance, etc.

We also work closely with other water related departments within the City of Greeley.

Todd Mohr, CWP
City of Greeley - Bellvue WTP

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