Booth Map - Quiet Water Society

The 22nd Annual Quiet Water Symposium

March 4, 2017

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The exhibit booth floor layout is below and shows booth assignments from last year, 2016. Hover your cursor over a booth location to see the exhibitor who occupied the booth in 2016.

You must request space(s) for the 2017 show as part of the registration process. Locations will be assigned on Feb. 1 by the show manager giving preference to exhibitors returning from last year and by this year's registration date. Booth requests will be honored if possible but no guarantee can be made. A total of 221 exhibit spaces are available.

EXHIBIT AREA - concrete floor, limited electricity
10 X 10 ft - 140, 10 X 15 ft - 24, 10 X 8 ft - 12
ARENA - dirt floor, no electricity
15 X 15 ft - 45