Event Registration - Cohasset Maritime Institute
Adult Summer Season, Learn to Row, and Sub List Registration
5/18/2019 - 8/18/2019

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Welcome to the CMI’s Adult Rowing Registration for the 2019 Season, Learn to Row & Substitute List programs!

Rowers of any and all experience levels are welcome at CMI!  You may sign up with friends to make up a crew, or we will help assign you to crews with compatible rowers.   Please note that youth summer rowing (entering 8th grade and higher) is a separate registration that opens in mid May.  Closer to that date, more information will be emailed and posted to our website.

Learn to Row and test the waters! 

If you haven't rowed with CMI and were unable to attend our Learn-To-Row ("LTR") program at the beginning of the season please send an email to info@rowcmi.org of your interest and availability to row.   Our program typically consists of four sessions where you are taught proper form, technique, safety and a bit of the history of our club.  It is a great way to get a feel for our coastal boats before making the decision to join for the season!

Adult Seasonal Rowing  $435

The adult rowing season is Sunday, May 19th- Sunday, August 18th.  Rowing is offered Monday - Thursday in the early mornings and evenings plus throughout the weekend from 6am until 11am.  During the registration process you will be able to list the crew you are joining or let us know if you are looking for a crew and when is your availability to row.

Additional Seasonal Rowing Notes:

  • Crews of 4-5 rowers may register for 2 sessions per week.  Groups of 6 or more rowers may register for 3 sessions per week.  During the season, these groups must coordinate amongst themselves who rows each day.
  • There is no adult rowing in Cohasset Saturday, July 13th as we send our boats to the Blackburn Challenge and Tuesday August 13th as we celebrate Coxswain appreciation night.

Substitute Rower Only Option  $220

The Substitute list allows rowers who can not commit to every week day/times to still get the opportunity to row this summer season!  Signing up puts you on the  Sub List where you will be contacted via a group email when an available seat on a crew is open.   

Important:  All registrants wishing to row this year will have to update their emergency contact information, accept CMI's Safety Policies and Waiver.  These will all be prompts during the registration process.  Should you wish to read the Safety Policy and/or Wavier ahead of time please click each here: Safety Policy        Waiver

Please note if you currently have a hardship with any of our fees please contact us at administrator@rowcmi.org as this program is not designed to keep anyone out of the harbor but to enrich people’s lives through rowing in our beautiful waters.  


Looking forward to seeing you around the boathouse soon,

Laura Kennedy 
CMI Executive Director
Cohasset Maritime Institute
40 Parker Ave
Cohasset, MA 02025

Location: CMI, 40 Parker Ave, Cohasset, MA 02025

Registration ends on June 30, 2019