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2020 Online Session III Programming
6/23/2020 - 7/11/2020

Welcome to the start of our next Online Session for Adults and Experienced Youth!!!     

If you own an erg or have a CMI loaner erg (which have already been assigned and registered separately), Session III programming will start Monday, July 6th, run for 4 weeks, and will end Monday August 1st.  This session will have different class bundle payment options as we know some people may have vacations or other activities planned.  This will allow you to buy a number of classes that you may then use throughout the month of July instead of committing you to 1X, 2X or 3X a week.   Please note we will track rower attendance but we are not set up to refund classes not used.

In addition to the new class bundles, we are also opening these sessions up to experienced youth who would like to get in a good erg workout.  For those youth who previously took our online coached youth sessions, these workouts are designed as a group exercise where you follow along with the instructor.  They start on time and last the full hour.  These are a great way to continue to build muscle memory and improve your cardio.

We will continue to utilize Zoom as our video workout platform which is accessible by multiple devices (phone, tablet, laptop, computer) and through various internet browsers.  Check App Store and Google Play for your mobile device.

Online Workout Classes
  • Erg Workout & Erg/Circuit Workouts 
    • Class options: Mon 7:30-8:30am, Mon 9:30-10:30am , Wed 6:30-7:30pm, Sat  8-9am    
    • Pricing: 4 classes $80, 6 classes $120, 8 classes $150, 10 classes $175, 12 classes $190
Coach Karen's classes are designed for those with various levels of experience rowing or erging.   Each instructed class will include a workout and light stretching.  Monday classes are Circuit Training classes will be an erg/bodyweight circuit designed to strengthen your muscles and build your cardio for a full body workout. This workout starts with warm up exercises, and will be part on the erg, part off the erg.  This is the kind of workout that leaves you with the good kind of sore!  Wednesday and Saturday classes will be erg interval sessions that will consist of different weekly erg workouts that vary in intensity. This is a great cardio class to help keep you motivated to move and maybe give more just when you start to think you can't!  

Adult & Youth 1:1 Individualized Zoom Sessions
We are currently offering private sessions for those with an indoor rowing machine (aka erg) that be can be done via Zoom in your own home or at the boathouse using one of our CMI ergs.  To register for these please click the following link--> 1:1 Individualized Online Sessions
We hope you will join us as we aim to keep you motivated, active, and engaged with each other and CMI!
Location: Your own home!