Event Registration - Cohasset Maritime Institute
2020 Adult Summer Sculling Season **NEW**
7/20/2020 - 9/30/2020

Welcome to the start of our new CMI Sculling program!

We know so many of you, and us, miss being on the water.  So what does CMI do when for COVID-19 safety sake they are not able to use their Mainville Coastal 4s but so want to get their rowers on the water?  They revise their program and invest in single shells!  No worries if you have not rowed a single before as our goal is to teach you.  This is a great opportunity to get on the water and learn a new skill or build on existing experience. Those who have been actively erging these past months already have a head start on technique!

During the first few weeks of the season will include coaching and certifying as many rowers as we can in our single shells.  During registration please pick the times/days you are available and your experience level.  We will then email you date choices   Initial training sessions are about 1.5 to 2 hours long initially.  Once certified, this will allow rowers to take the singles shells out on their own- though for safety sake at least two boats must go out at a time- during our open sculling times.  Open sculling times are when a shore manager is present and they are the times listed below.  You will always have the option to hire a coach should you want additional lessons or need the added comfort level.

The available opening sculling sessions (coached & once certified) are: Mon- Thurs 7:00AM;  Mon, Wed, Thurs 9:00AM;  Mon-Thurs 6:00 PM; Sat & Sun 6:30AM & 8:30AM

Sculling program includes:
  • Some coached learn to row sessions-These are semi private lessons either a 1:2, 2:3 or 1:4 ratio depending on coaching schedules and abilities
  • CMI certification -which is required for all rowers to start using the singles without a coach
  • Use of our CMI single shells & oars
  • Access to open sculling times until the end of the season, which is September 30th.  You choose how often you would like to row in a week!
Total cost $400*  
On the off chance you find after your lessons you do not want to continue through the season we will offer a prorated refund:  $250 after 2 lesson to $150 after 6 lessons.  

This cost will also help cover the cost of lessons, boat use & maintenance, CMI overhead, and it will also go toward our required COVID-19 safety protocols and Shore Manager who will be responsible for overseeing safety at the boathouse as well as for those on the water. 

Similar to our 4s rowing program we encourage you to bring:
  • Water Shoes
  • Water in a reusable water bottle
  • Sunglasses with strap
  • Sunblock
  • Hat

You will also need due to COVID-19 protocols:
  • Your own PFD- similar to those for kayaking or paddle boarding that allow your arms to move freely as you row **
  • A mask- required for anytime you are on land, but not while rowing in your single
**West Marine is currently have a sale on PFDs plus here is one (of many) online resources  http://rowsafeusa.org/pfds/   
(We do have a few of the Mustang Survival Inflatable belt pack PFDs for sale. $110. If you are interested please contact Eric Penanhoat  at Penanhoat@yahoo.com)

At the boathouse we do have hand sanitizer, disposable masks should you occasionally forget or lose your own, plus approved cleaning solutions for our equipment which will be done before and after each use.

Here at CMI we have been taking the COVID-19 local & state guidelines seriously and as required have provided and received approval for our safety protocols with the Cohasset Health Dept.  We have also kept our rowers in mind as we have continued to find ways to provide an outlet for your physical (and mental) health as best we can!

We do ask that you bear with us as we launch this new program, attempt to train as many scullers as we can, and settle into a working schedule.  We know we may have to make changes in order to make the process more smooth but as always, we are willing to do just that!

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us at info@rowcmi.org.

Location: Cohasset Maritime Institute, 40 Parker Ave, Cohasset, MA 02025