Event Registration - Associated General Contractors of New Mexico
Women of the Construction Industry ‘Networking Event’
6/14/18 - 6/14/18
4:30 PM - 5:45 AM

Last year we celebrated with over 180 industry professionals eager to participate in the first annual Women of the Construction Industry event. Based on attendee feedback, we understand building your business support network 
is of the upmost importance. 
This year AGC will host two (2)
‘Build Your Business Support Network & R.I.S.E.' events in addition to the second annual Women of the Construction Industry main event. We hope you will bring a colleague and join us!
Build Your Business Support Network & 
  1.  Invest in Relationships: Be intentional about your communication with fellow colleagues and learn to empower others, even in a competing situation.
  2. Elevate in your field Institutionally: Participate in resource groups, events, programs, and policies that foster supportive environments for women in A.C.E industries.
  3. Understand your Self-worth: Look within; who- are you, what- do you stand for, where- self-care, why- to be yourself.
  4. Share your Experience: “Research shows that women with female mentors are more likely to succeed and be satisfied in their careers, with female employees" overall happiness and achievement.

Peer Collaboration Blueprint – at each event will be a stack of postcards. We want to know - What are your ‘work quirks’? I.e. How do you like to receive feedback & what can people come to you for?

This Blueprint will demonstrate ‘How to Work Together’ and will be unveiled at the Second Annual Women of the Construction Industry event (9/27/18).

Location: Hotel Parq Central, 806 Central Ave Se, Albuquerque, NM 87102