Event Registration - Associated General Contractors of New Mexico
6/29/2020 - 9/6/2020


This 103 construction blueprint reading class covers a foundation skill in construction. All construction professionals, regardless of whether they are working in the field or in the office, must know how to read blueprints. Blueprint reading is not terribly difficult but it does require practice and some basic knowledge of blueprints.

This online blueprint reading course is designed to provide you with that foundation knowledge and enough practice at reading blueprints to get you started.  Mastery of blueprint reading will come with practice and with using blueprints on the job on a regular basis.


By the end of this 103 construction blueprint reading online class you should:

  1. Have an elementary knowledge of blueprint reading as it relates to building construction projects.
  2. Understand in general terms the design process and the role of design professionals.
  3. Be able to find trade information using blueprints
  4. Be able to answer basic construction questions related to the layout and installation of materials at the jobsite.
  5. Be able to identify elementary problems or short comings of the blueprints you are using.

Location: Online

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