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RMMI Masonry Design Guide Sponsorship
1/30/17 - 12/31/17

For 2017, the Rocky Mountain Masonry Foundation (RMMI) is working on the production and publication of the “Rocky Mountain Masonry Systems Guide”.  This guide will be a fundamental tool, resource, and design manual used to educate and promote masonry in the architectural and design communities throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.  This guide will provide standardized systems guide of best practices for masonry wall design systems in construction, making it a primary information resource on masonry construction systems.  It will also address the new challenges of energy code requirements for continuous insulation. 
The Rocky Mountain Masonry Systems Guide will be modeled after the successful 2016 Northwest Masonry Edition used in the upper Northwest of the United States; reinforcing RMMI’s leading support for Masonry Design in the Intermountain states. The Northwest Masonry SYSTEMS Guide has been the industry’s primary information resource for architects and designers which include 9 chapters outlining masonry systems; with a resource chapter for products appropriate for each system application.  
Sponsors will receive printed copies of the systems free of charge to distribute to architects, engineers and general contractors that they work with. All RMMI Members will also receive a printed copy of the guide.