2019 Stan Rogers Memorial Award Nomination - British Columbia Economic Development Association
In 1995, a vegetable processing plant located on South Sumas Road in Chilliwack became available for sale due to Pillsbury/Fraser Valley Foods closing down. These buildings comprised of over 160,000 sq. ft. of buildings and approximately 50 acres of vacant farm land. Stan Rogers saw a unique opportunity and developed a vision to renovate the buildings for "Large Box" industrial clients. This vision developed into Legacy Pacific Land Corporation. This was a very new concept for Chilliwack as no large industrial space was available in the area. There was such a high demand for industrial space, that within four months of purchasing the South Sumas processing plant in 1996, over half of the available 160,000 sq. ft. of space had been leased. Thus, began Legacy Pacific Industrial Park.

Stan Rogers was also a significant community booster and did whatever he could to ensure projects could proceed in the community, even if it could not be done on his properties. Stan knew how important well planned projects, combined with community partnerships, were to building vibrant local economies. In addition to building developments in Chilliwack, Stan was always willing to provide free advice to economic developers on potential opportunities that should be pursued in communities throughout BC.

In addition to Stan’s significant impact in the community of Chilliwack, he was a tremendous supporter and partner of the BC Economic Development Association (BCEDA).

The Stan Rogers Memorial Award is presented to a specific project, either completed by the public or private sector, which has made an exceptional impact on a local economy. Nominations for local government and private sector companies will both be considered.

Examples of possible award winning projects include:
- Revitalization of core areas (Downtowns);
- Revitalization Zones;
- Development of community owned assets (Energy projects, Water Projects, Community Facilities, etc.);
- Development of Industrial Parks, where the Public and Private Sector work together;
- Development of Incubators to support growing entrepreneurs;
- And more.

A successful project should demonstrate the following characteristics:
- A mixture of Public and Private sector involvement;
- Have created, or have potential to create, significant employment opportunities;
- Received significant positive public awareness.

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