Friend of MAGA Application - Music Arrangers Guild of Australia

MAGA Friend Membership

Membership is now open to all individuals who may like to have closer contact with the Guild's goals, present and future agenda and activities.

This is an ideal opportunity for interested persons to take a more active role in the development of the Australian music arranging, electronic arranging, orchestrating and/or copying professions, whilst not being directly employed within our industry.

The cost of membership is AUD $25/year.

As an individual member of Friends of MAGA Inc. you receive:
  • Secure membership access on our website
  • Our periodical newsletter, The MagaScene
  • Discounted rates on all merchandising
  • Invitations to all Guild activities (including General Meetings)
  • Published articles on our Website and in our newsletter
  • Waived Entry Fee, should you wish to become a Full Member
  • One year's FREE subscription, should you introduce 2 new potential Full Members within one year
  • One year FREE subscription, should you introduce 4 new Friends of MAGA Inc. within one year
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