CEP Continuing Certification 2023 Maintenance Hours
All 2023 Maintenance Hours and 2024 dues are now due. Please complete the survey below to submit your ABCEP CEP Continuing Certification Maintenance Hours Form for activity in the 2023 year. Once you have entered all of the information requested on this form, the office will receive notification that you have completed the survey. We review information to ensure you captured all of your eligible hours properly. Remember entering more than the minimum total hours – minimums within categories are required – benefits you because ABCEP reviews your maintenance hours on a five-year rolling average and you never know when you may need those extra hours! If additional information is needed, the Office will contact you via email. Once your Maintenance Hours are confirmed, you will receive an email with a link where you can pay the dues using one of these two options: Pay by credit card or by check. Please remember to update your online profile with current contact information and employment details.

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