Qualified Dentist Designation Application - AADSM
Beginning January 1, 2019, the Qualified Dentist designation will be granted only to those that successfully complete the AADSM's Mastery I Course.

If the Qualified Dentist application you submit is incomplete, the deadline for providing any additional information requested is December 31, 2018.

Before uploading your credit hours, make sure you can answer YES to the following questions related to your continuing education (CE) hours:

1. Are all hours earned through a non-profit organization or university that is either an ADA CERP or AGD PACE provider? To confirm that a particular CE provider is a not-for-profit organization, visit GuideStar's website at www.guidestar.org and search for their listing. All IRS-registered non-profit organizations will be listed on GuideStar.

2. Are CE hours earned within the past two years?

3. Are you including a supporting detailed agenda for each course to demonstrate CE hours covered clinical dental sleep medicine or sleep medicine topics and not practice management or billing topics?

4. Are you providing individual CE certificates and not transcripts?

5. Are you the participant and not the instructor of the course?

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