2017 Great Places in California Nomination Form
A Great Place in California is one that is memorable to the community and individuals and creates a strong sense of place.

A Great Place Contributes to the vibrancy and/or livability of a community.

A wide variety of places may be considered great, including: Great Vistas, Great Places to Play, Great Places for People, Great Corridors, Great Centers, and Great Places to Preserve.

Characteristics to consider (not all may apply):

* Contribution to a resident's day-to-day quality of living, encouraging human contact and social activities

* Multi-modal transportation (i.e. pedestrians, bicyclists, transit, drivers)

* Visually interesting design and architectural features

* Sustainable design

* Safe environment that is welcoming for all

* Unique or special character, such as a reflection of local culture or history

* Extraordinary open spaces that preserve the natural environment

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