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 Welcome to CMI's 2020 membership season!

We are excited to have you join us for a year full of Youth and Adult programs and events.  

Rowers of any and all experience levels are welcome at Cohasset Maritime Institute ('CMI').  We offer year round Adult and Youth programs. 

On the water, we row in Mainville 26's which are hand crafted 4-person sliding-seat coastal boats, specially designed for ocean rowing, such as the waters off Cohasset.  We employee experienced coxswains for our CMI crews, help train new adult and youth cox'ns and are fortunate to have a great group of experienced coaches on hand. We are also working on introducing an adult sculling program utilizing our two doubles and two single seats.

Off the water in colder months, we run training programs and open erg times utilizing our multitude of Concept2 indoor rowing machines, aka ergs​ and experienced coaches.

As part of our overall CMI crew, you have the opportunity to join our programs and participate in our events:

•    CMI sprints in Cohasset harbor and the Gulf River
•    Interclub races: HLM Snow Row, Essex River Race, Blackburn Challenge, Belfast Harbor Fest, Head of the Weir, and more
•    Destination Rows including the Scituate Relay, Nantasket, Harbor Islands, Charles River
•    And of course our socials -Summer season start, Rowers Appreciation breakfasts, Cox'n Appreciation, Annual meeting chili cook off, plus a few others added in throughout the year.

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