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Registration Overview

2019 Membership Application

We offer two membership categories to include a broad array of foreign affairs professionals in the DACOR community. Your category will be determined by our Membership Committee using the criteria below.
► Regular Members (voting)
Retired and former members of U.S. government foreign affairs agencies.

► Associate Members (non-voting)
Active or retired foreign affairs professionals; active members of the U.S. Government foreign affairs agencies; spouses or widow/ers of those qualified for regular membership; others whose special circumstances warrant.

Of Note

  • Spouses/partners of all members may enroll as associate members at no additional cost with full privileges save for voting.
  • Foreign Service officers or other U.S. Government employees who have been given orders for their first foreign affairs post in the past six months receive their first membership year free.
  • All members must be U.S. citizens.

2019 Dues

Upon acceptance into membership, you will be billed according to your membership category, as detailed below. Residents are those who live within 35 miles of DACOR Bacon House, according to Google Maps.
Regular Member Resident: $350 Non-resident: $120
Associate Member Resident: $175 Non-resident: $90
Former Spouse/Widow/er Resident: $68 Non-resident: $45

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