Projects/Committees List - Indiana Psychological Association
The Board of Directors interprets and applies the bylaws, develops official policies, allocates funds, delegates authority and responsibility, and takes any other action that is necessary for proper, efficient management of the Association. Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held at any time at the call of the President or Secretary and must be held in the event of a written request by three elected members of the Board of Directors. The President of IPA serves as Chair.
The Communication Committee articulates and disseminates, in association with the Board and Executive Committee, the missions of IPA to its constituents including member psychologists, non-member psychologists in Indiana, and Indiana citizens.
The Continuing Education Committee maintains the "IPA brand” of top quality CE in Indiana, enforces APA accreditation standards, and provides opportunities for membership development and networking by emphasizing face-to-face CE events on a regional basis.
The Diversity Initiative is an emerging set of priorities begun by the 2010 IPA Board of Directors.
The Election Committee consists of three members: the immediate Past President, who serves as chair, and at least two other members appointed by the President, with the approval of the Board of Directors. The two appointed members shall not be members of the Board of Directors. The term for members of the Election Committee is one year. An Election Committee member may not serve more than two successive terms. The responsibilities and procedures of the Election Committee are described in Article 9 of the bylaws.
The Executive Committee handles urgent matters that cannot be delayed until the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors and any other matters delegated to it by the Board. It consists of the five elected officers of the Association and the Communications Director, who serves as a non-voting member. The President of IPA serves as Chair.
The Fall Conference Task Force is comprised of IPA members, identified as a Chair and committee members, who voluntarily commit their time and efforts to organize, facilitate, and oversee the annual two-day conference program for the association.
The Finance Committee maintains oversight responsibility for the full records of IPA's financial activities including a complete accounting of dues paid by each member and disbursement of funds. The committee also ensures that an annual review of the financial records is provided to the Board of Directors. The IPA Treasurer serves as Chair.
The Governmental Affairs Committee identifies statewide mental health issues, increases awareness of the IPA Board of Directors and membership of these issues. With the approval of the Board, this committee formulates position papers and action plans on issues; monitors, develops and promotes state legislation relevant to the interest and practice of psychology; maintains relationships with legislators, legislative committees; and advocates for mental health needs through liaison and information sharing activities with state government agencies, allied professional groups, and other relevant IPA committees and outside groups as needed.
The Indiana Psychological Foundation is a 501c3 charitable not-for-profit public Foundation. The organization provides funding, scholarships, grants, education and awareness programs to promote to the public regarding behavioral health in the community.
IP-PAC is a political action committee organized under the election rules of the State of Indiana, and sponsored by the IPA. IP-PAC is authorized to solicit and accept voluntary contributions to assist in the election of state and local government officials who: (1) believe in and support through their representative actions the profession of psychology; (2) are positively disposed toward mental health, mental health issues & related issues in the state of Indiana; and (3) believe in and support through their representative actions the science of psychology. Contributions can include donations to state political committees and to political fund raising activities, but shall not include any contributions that would influence the election of an individual who is a candidate for any federal office or position. IP-PAC is directed by its own Board of Governors, who are individually appointed by IPA's Board of Directors to serve three year terms.
The Membership Committee serves as a conduit for ideas and suggestions from the membership to the Board of Directors, creates opportunities for members to voice their concerns and suggestions, and maintains liaison with regional organizations within the state so that their activities and interests can be made known to the Board.
The Practice Committee monitors developments in the field of professional psychology pertaining to the roles, standards and functioning of psychologists in Indiana, makes the IPA Board of Directors aware of concerns related to practice, and coordinates and directs activities of committees charged with monitoring, studying and making recommendations to the Board of Directors about professional practice. This committee also designates a member to serve as liaison with the Indiana State Board of Psychology.
The Science and Education Committee encourages the collaboration of IPA members from scientific, academic, or practice settings. This committee works to strengthen the bonds between various disciplines within psychology, encourages involvement of students in the field, advocates for the scientific aspects of psychology, and identifies and brings to the Board of Directors information, issues and actions plans targeting the interests of the academic, scientific, and education and training communities.
This is a committee OF students FOR students! The Student Committee develops specific activities to promote involvement of student affiliates in IPA, and to promote involvement by IPA members in the training and professional development of psychology students in Indiana.