Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals
Thank you for applying for the Certified Environmental Professional (CEP) designation.  Since 1979, the CEP designation has been awarded to senior managers and other qualified individuals as a way to demonstrate their professional skills and high standards of conduct. The CEP designation is a national system of excellence and says to employers, clients, colleagues and the public that an individual is a knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated professional. The CEP is awarded after a comprehensive review of their background, their abilities, and their knowledge. Most CEPs have at least ten years of experience in the field. Certification credentials exceeds requirements of the US EPA's definition of Environmental Professional and conforms to ASTM's requirements for conducting Phase I Environmental Site Evaluations.
Applicants are responsible for getting transcripts, letters of reference, and other application materials to ABCEP within one year of the application fee payment.
There is a required initial application fee and a final certification fee.  Please refer to the Step-by-Step Application Processes listed below for each type of Certification. (Details about each type can be found on our website at  Your fees and the essay requirements will be based the type of CEP designation for which you are applying.
You may access your application online at any time and work on it as you please.  However, once you chose to submit your application as Complete, you will no longer be able to access the materials submitted to ABCEP and the review process will begin.
Please contact ABCEP?s Executive Administrator by clicking on CONTACT ABCEP if you have any questions regarding the CEP, CEP by Eminence, CEP-IT, the CEP Emeritus status, if you would like a mentor assigned to help you through the application process, or any other questions.
Good luck!