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First Name Middle Last Name M/W Rating Singles Type City State
1CarminJIadonisiM4.5 0 T Lisbon FallsME
2CarlaIafrateF3.5 T Mercer IslandWA
3StephanieIceF4.5 0 T Palm DesertCA
4TerryIcetonM3.5 0 T BC
5DebbieIchiriuF4.0 0 T Los AlamitosCA
6DeWayneIchiriuM3.5 0 t Los AlamitosCA
7PaulEIezziM4.5 0 T GlensidePA
8DelGIgguldenM4.5 0 T MesaAZ
9LoreenIlottF3.0 0 T EstonSK
10BartWIngallsM3.5 0 T Steamboat SpringsCO
11BobIngersollM3.5 T CarlsbadCA
12JudyInglisF3.0 T KingstonON
13CarlaLIngramF4.5 4.0 T Kansas CityMO
14EdwardIngramM3.5 T AustinTX
15GlenAIngramM3.5 0 T SahuaritaAZ
16JacquelineIngramF2.5 0 T OaklandMI
17PaulIngramM3.0 0 T EdmontonAB
18Kas(Dody)IngwersenM4.0 0 T AbbotsfordBC
19TaraInnesF3.0 0 T LangleyBC
20KathyLInskeepF4 T VancouverWA
21RobertInsleyM4.0 0 T IoniaMI
22GaryTInzanaM3.5 0 T SpencerportNY
23PeterJIovinM3.5 0 T Sun LakesAZ
24JeffIronsideM3.0 T BellevilleON
25WayneIrvineM3.0 0 A EugeneOR
26DonnaIrvingF3.0 T VernonBC
27RobIrvingM3.0 T VernonBC
28CarrieIrwinF2.5 T High RiverAB
29GordonIrwinM3.5 T Copperas CoveTX
30KathyIsaacF3.0 0 T ChillawackBC
31PeteWIschiM4.0 0 T SoldotnaAK
32ArleneIshinoF3.0 0 T Santa AnaCA
33GianYukioIshinoM3.0 0 T TorranceCA
34GlenKIshinoM3.5 0 T Santa AnaCA
35GlennIshinoM3.5 0 T Santa AnaCA
36FredIskanderM3.0 T LoudonTN
37NevilleIsraelM4.5 T RichmondBC
38JeffIsringhausM3.5 T WenatcheeWA
39LarryEIvanM3.0 T BrittonMI
40PattiLIvanichF4.5 0 T Apache JunctionAZ
41SusanHIveyF3.5 0 T OceansideCA

RATINGS NOTE (4/14/17):

The USAPA evaluation committee has completed the review and evaluation of the vendor proposals for a new match-based tournament ratings system. Athlete Ratings (AR) has tentatively been selected as the primary vendor. The final vendor selection will be contingent upon AR and USAPA agreeing to terms and signing a Services Agreement. As this selection process moves forward, any significant updates will be announced.

This updated version of the ratings program you are seeing is not the new Athlete Ratings program but rather a rebuilt version of the current program that's been integrated into our MemberLeap member software.

Please send any questions or comments to: