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First Name Middle Last Name M/W Rating Singles Type City State
1SheonQuaemptsF3.0 T YAKIMAWA
2Donna RuthQuaifeF4.0 3.5 T Castle RockWA
3TomQuammaM3.5 0 T SurpriseAZ
4KarenQuanF3.5 0 T VancouverBC
5LeeThurmanQuigleyM3.5 T TemeculaCA
6MikePQuigleyM5.0 0 T VancouverWA
7KatieQuinnF3.0 0 T WA
8Jorge (Churco)QuinteroM4.0 4.5 T EdmontonAB
9LawannaQuistF4.0 0 T RuidosoNM
10NathanQuistM3.0 0 T CoppellTX
11PatrickQuistM4.0 0 T RuidosoNM

RATINGS NOTE (4/14/17):

The USAPA evaluation committee has completed the review and evaluation of the vendor proposals for a new match-based tournament ratings system. Athlete Ratings (AR) has tentatively been selected as the primary vendor. The final vendor selection will be contingent upon AR and USAPA agreeing to terms and signing a Services Agreement. As this selection process moves forward, any significant updates will be announced.

This updated version of the ratings program you are seeing is not the new Athlete Ratings program but rather a rebuilt version of the current program that's been integrated into our MemberLeap member software.

Please send any questions or comments to: