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First Name Middle Last Name M/W Rating Singles Type City State
1JohnAYacukowiczM3.0 0 T VailAZ
2OliviaTYacukowiczF4.0 0 T VailAZ
3SaraSYagerF3.5 0 T North Fort MyersFL
4GlennYamamotoM3.0 0 T ForestvilleCA
5KathrynKayYamamotoF4.0 T SacramentoCA
6NancyYamamotoF3.0 0 T ForestvilleCA
7DebiYandellF4.0 0 T The VillagesFL
8JanetYangF3.0 0 T BC
9KarenYangF3.5 3.5 T VancouverBC
10RyanYangM4.0 0 T BC
11SongHuaYaoF3.5 0 T TroyMI
12AmyJYarbroughF4.5 0 T San MarcosTX
13MarshallYaremkoM2.5 0 T EdmontonAB
14KyleYatesM5.0 0 T Fort MyersFL
15SarahMYatesF5.0 0 T Fort MyersFL
16TerriM.YatesF4.0 0 T EloyAZ
17JeramieYbrightM4.0 0 T St GeorgeUT
18ChristineLYearyF4.5 0 T MentorOH
19Michael (Bohica)YeeM5.0 4.0 T North VancouverBC
20PaulYeeM3.5 0 T Bloomfield HillsMI
21Cheng LokYeoM3.5 0 T BC
22GeraldYerbyM3.0 0 T Box ElderSD
23KevinLYoderM4.5 0 T TacomaWA
24EugeneMYonemuraM3.5 0 T Long BeachCA
25KatyYonemuraF4.5 0 T Long BeachCA
26GenevieveYYongF4.5 4.5 T WellsME
27BobEYonkersM3.0 0 A Spring LakeMI
28Jai IkYooM3.5 0 T AbbotsfordBC
29SteveAYorkM3.5 0 T Rapid CitySD
30ChrisYorloffM3.0 0 T Coeur DaleneID
31RonTYoshimotoM4.0 0 T FresnoCA
32KayYostF3.5 0 T WaunaWA
33XiaoYouM4.5 0 T TroyMI
34BettyYoungF3.0 0 T TucsonAZ
35BillGYoungM4.0 0 T Casa GrandeAZ
36BlakeYoungM4.5 0 T
37BrendaS.YoungF3.5 0 T WestervilleOH
38DanaYoungF4.0 3.5 T ActonCA
39DanielWYoungM4.0 0 T RockfordIL
40DavidW.YoungM3.5 0 t ActonCA
41DavidJYoungM4.0 0 T WindsorON
42GordRYoungM4.5 0 T OliverBC
43KathrynYoungF4.0 0 T St GeorgeUT
44KathyYoungF3.5 0 T CalgaryAB
45PennyAYoungF3.0 0 T CaryNC
46PerryAYoungM3.5 0 T CalgaryAB
47RickJ.YoungM5.0 0 T LynnwoodWA
48SamHYoungM3.5 0 T TucsonAZ
49TeresaYoungbergF3.0 0 T PhoenixAZ
50VictoriaJYoungbloodF3.0 T TulsaOK
51TerryYounghansM3.5 T Fort WayneIN
52Robert (Bob)L.YoungrenM4.5 0 A FallbrookCA
53RosarioGYsipF3.0 0 T RichmondCA
54MckennaYturriagaF3.5 0 T Cedar CityUT
55RigoYturriagaM4.0 0 T Cedar CityUT
56CathyYuF4.0 0 T BurnabyBC
57HongyanYu4.0 0 T BC
58JanYuF5.0 4.5 T LaceyWA
59HongYuanM4.5 4.5 T TroyNY
60Leo AnthonyGYudeM4.5 0 T CypressTX
61BeaYuillF3.0 T BonnyvilleAB
62BrianRYunkerM4.0 0 T HollandOH
63DanielJYurchakM4.5 0 T Deerfield BeachFL
64RonaldJYurgoM3.5 0 T North Fort MyersFL

RATINGS NOTE (4/14/17):

The USAPA evaluation committee has completed the review and evaluation of the vendor proposals for a new match-based tournament ratings system. Athlete Ratings (AR) has tentatively been selected as the primary vendor. The final vendor selection will be contingent upon AR and USAPA agreeing to terms and signing a Services Agreement. As this selection process moves forward, any significant updates will be announced.

This updated version of the ratings program you are seeing is not the new Athlete Ratings program but rather a rebuilt version of the current program that's been integrated into our MemberLeap member software.

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