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Conference Proceedings

$30.00 USD

Presenters are the heart and soul of each annual conference.  The educational concepts and curriculums that they share with the membership enhance the networking opportunities provided by the vendors and our professional peers.  

The Research and Publications Committee is in charge of developing and publishing the proceedings from the AORE Annual Conference.  Each year the Research and Publications Committee works with conference presenters to have them formalize their presented work so that their efforts can be included into a comprehensive work published by the AORE. 

These proceedings are available for purchase from the following conferences:

- 2011 AORE Annual Conference  - San Antonio, TX
- 2012 AORE Annual Conference - Snowbird, UT
- 2013 AORE Annual Conference - College Park, MD
- 2014 AORE Annual Conference - Portland, OR
- 2015 AORE Annual Conference - Atlanta, GA
- 2016 AORE Annual Conference - Minneapolis, MN
- 2017 AORE Annual Conference - Roanoke, VA

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