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AORE Listserv Books

$10.00 USD

Since 2009, AORE has built an extensive archive related to industry sharing. These questions and answers cover:

- Management and Administration
- Programming
- Climbing Wall and Challenge Course
- Risk Management and Wilderness Medicine

These booklets are available by section or as a full booklet resource and will be updated annually with new information gathered from AORE members.

The AORE National Office has been working behind the scenes to clean up the extensive Listserv Archive and make it an organized and useful tool to our members. We are now proud to offer booklets for each area of the Listserv Archive, available in both digital and hard copy formats to members and non-members of the association.

With this book in your hands, you will be utilizing the power of association members to help you run your organization to its full potential.

- Individual Booklets (Hard Copy) = $20.00
- Individual Booklets Electronic (PDF) = $10.00
- Full Archive (Hard Copy) = $30.00
- Full Archive (PDF) = $15.00