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Product Page - Pathway to Healing Quantity: 1 - 9 Books
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Pathway to Healing Quantity: 1 - 9 Books

$6.00 USD

Pathway to Healing

A Guide to Helping Victims of Crime

by Jayne Crisp and Lisa Lampman

Crimes can occur anywhere at any time, and affect anyone. And when crimes do happen, they leave victims in a state of disbelief and vulnerability. Crime threatens people's safety and security, and in some cases challenges their faith. Pathways to Healing examines the basic stages of crisis and guides you through the process to reach out to those who are hurting.
This biblically based guide provides instruction to help you work with victims—acknowledging the pain, establishing trust, restoring dignity and control, and reconnecting to family and community support. You’ll also find a list of additional resources and general information on key issues and concepts related to crime victimization.

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