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Are you looking for a virtual Father's Day present? Put a smile on Dad's face with a customizable Father's Day Coupon! Make a donation to APSAC and we will send the coupon of your choice to your super-dad, super-grandpa, super-husband, or any special person on Sunday, June 21st. 

Make your donation, share your coupon message and your special person's email, and we will take it from there!

Need some ideas?

 Dinner of dad's choice                                                              King of the remote for the night


One week off trash duty                                                            Finishing a project of dad's choice


Golf weekend with friends                                                            A weekend of no chores

All donations will help APSAC meet our mission to improve society’s response to the abuse and neglect of its children.

Follow the directions to order a special Father's Day present while supporting APSAC! No limit on the number of coupons. The suggested donation is $10 per 2 coupons.
1. In the box below, enter the amount and click donate.
On the next page, please include the following information:
In the donation type, choose simple donation. 
In the memoriam/honor box, include special person's name. 

In the purpose of donation text box, include
  • your coupon message(s)
  • name(s) and email(s) you would like the coupon to emailed to **For multiple coupons, enter all messages and emails in text box. 
  • any additional information 

For questions, please contact Hannah Gilbert, hgilbert@apsac.org. 

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