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FAMP is Back to the Future - President's Message

Sent Date: 11/05/18

Dear Mortgage Professional,

It has been an honor to serve as your FAMP President this past year and together we accomplished so much for our Association. We are already into our first quarter of this year and I am excited and humbled you have entrusted me to serve a second term and lead you.

On a long journey hiking toward the pencil of a mountain, looking up at our goal, each step seems like an endless walk to the top and that is just the journey; we have increased in our membership by over 30%  This is the largest number of members since 2012.  FAMP is back to the future!  We really cannot see how far we have come until we stop and look back at our achievements and we could not have done this without each and every one of you.

We believed we needed a management company that understood our business and we were not getting that from our old firm.  We were fortunate  that NAMB created an association management company.  FAMP decided to transition over to that company for our management.  We cannot be more pleased in our choice  and the leadership of NAMB Association Services. Our association is in good hands and moving forward with proper management, accounting and  leadership structure for our continued growth into the future.

We had the largest trade show since 2008 with record attendance of 1,500 attendees and 140 booths at the tradeshow and National Speakers in our breakout sessions 

FAMP also rebranded ourselves with a new logo and PR image.  We needed to show our new members and the younger potential members we are new, different and have relevance to their career path.  We recreated our website and we are making it smart phone compatible because that is what we need to do.  This is the way we are all starting to obtain our information and FAMP has stepped forward and met that challenge.  We also needed to show the new  loan originators that FAMP is where they can get the information needed to stay current and keep that mortgage professional edge over all other choices for a consumer.  In this same direction, we added member value by organizing and holding webinars that attracted over 1200 attendees.  This is what FAMP does to add value to our members.  FAMP is not only about protecting our members interests but also helping our customers.  In 2018,  we lobbied and helped pass legislation for fair housing in Florida.

Lastly, FAMP implemented a strategic plan that will carry the next leadership of FAMP into the future by giving FAMP a solid path to grow and retain members while assuring FAMP will be a voice in the mortgage industry for years to come.

In closing, I am calling on you to step forward and pick up the leadership calling.  We need new faces and new ideas. We are not afraid to let these new leaders have a seat at the table.  If you are already a member of FAMP, thank you for supporting your industry.  If you are not please join us today and support your industry!  We are all in this together and this coming year is going to be an challenging and exciting one for our industry.  I look forward to us all working together. 


Kimber White, CRMS
Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals