Staying Connected Through COVID-19
Sent Date: 03/25/20

Dear OMSSA Members,
Ontario's human services sector has a critical role to play in supporting Ontario's most vulnerable residents and responding to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As our members move quickly to respond to this crisis, support their communities, and transition to remote work, the need to connect digitally is more important than ever. Through our website, Members’ Portal and email updates, OMSSA is working to keep our members connected and informed.
Here’s how OMSSA can help you stay connected:

Web Updates
Our COVID-19 Updates and Resources webpage includes key resources, news and announcements related to COVID-19 and Ontario’s municipal and human services sectors, with new items added daily. It also includes more information on how OMSSA is working to support members through this crisis.

Members’ Portal
Members can access additional resources and connect with colleagues across the sector in our login-only Members’ Portal. Here are some the things you can do in the portal:
  • Access our document library, including a “COVID-19 RESOURCES” folder where we are posting resources and information from OMSSA members as their responses and policies evolve
  • Join one of OMSSA’s member networks to connect with colleagues via discussion forums, network teleconferences and a “Request for Information” (RFI) process
  • Access member discussion forums to ask questions, compare experiences and share information and resources with members across the sector
  • Access a live feed of the latest news stories relevant to our sector, hand-picked daily by OMSSA’s staff
New to the portal? More information on accessing the Member’s Portal is available here on our website. Once inside the portal, you can find more details on how to join a network, send a “Request for Information” (RFI) and more. For your convenience, we’ve also attached a quick handout on how to send an RFI.

Email Updates
If you’re not already subscribed, you can sign up to receive our “OMSSA Today” e-newsletter to have the latest updates delivered straight to your inbox. While our members remain focused on supporting their communities through COVID-19, OMSSA will be shifting the focus of the newsletter towards updates and resources to support members through this crisis.

Social Media
You can also follow OMSSA on Twitter or Facebook to access the latest updates as they happen.

A Message to Our Members:
Our members are on the front lines of COVID-19, working hard to ensure that their communities are safe, secure and supported. OMSSA's number one priority is to support our members in responding to this crisis, through proactively sharing information, ensuring our members stay connected to the provincial and federal governments, and helping members share information and resources with each other as their responses to this crisis evolve.
Thank you for your dedication to supporting your communities, and stay safe.
The OMSSA Team

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