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Video of baby seeing clearly for the first time goes viral
An Ohio mom posted a video of her baby seeing clearly for the first time, and the amazingly sweet video has now gone viral.

Published: 04/26/18

Study: Babies born prematurely need to be followed early and often
Low BW is linked to visual acuity and refractive long-term outcomes long after childhood. Individuals with low BW are more likely to have lower visual acuity and a higher myopic refractive error in adulthood. Adults with high BW are more likely to have a more hyperopic refractive error.
Published: 04/26/18

Is your data correct? Time to review Open Payments data
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) offer doctors a window to review and dispute their Open Payments data before that information is published online.
Published: 04/26/18