IPA News Updates: Getting involved with the Indiana Psychological Association as a student
Laura Reid-Marks, 5/18/2012

The Indiana Psychological Association (IPA) is the major organization in Indiana for psychologists, psychologists-in-training, and consumers in the field of mental health. Becoming a member of your state psychological organization is extremely beneficial to your professional development as a psychologist-in-training. As a student member of IPA, students are exposed to a network of psychologists practicing in Indiana. Student members are eligible to join the IPA listserv and communicate with other members regarding any ethical concerns or other professional questions. Students also become eligible to attend and present at the annual Fall conference. By being a member, students will receive information about nearby workshops and events, and are also able to participate in IPA programs.

To increase student awareness and involvement in IPA and provide opportunities for student leadership at a state level, IPA would like to implement an IPA Student Representative Network. We are looking for at least one student per psychology program who would be willing to take on the role of IPA Program Representative. As your program’s representative you would be required to become a member of IPA and promote visibility of IPA in your program, potentially by utilizing emails, fliers, or other creative ideas. You would also be required to send one report at the end of each semester listing your efforts for that particular semester. If you are interested in this leadership opportunity, please contact Laura Reid-Marks at ReidL@purdue.edu.