Project/Committee Details
Groupe d’intérêt des bibliothécaires académiques canadiens en éducation médicale (GI – BACEM) -
Canadian Academic Medical Education Librarians Special Interest Group (CAMEL-SIG)
CAMEL/BACEM is a voluntary gathering of academic librarians who provide service to Medical Schools in Canada.

Our goals include:
- to further communication among medical education librarians
- to increase opportunities for collaboration in our work and research as medical education librarians
Primary Contact:
Lucy Kiester
Project/Committee Member Information
Mme Monique Clar
Université de Montréal
Kaitlin Fuller
Ms. Heather Ganshorn
University of Calgary
Maren Goodman
London Health Sciences Centre
Sandra Halliday
Melissa Helwig
Dalhousie University, Kellogg Library
Jennifer McKinnell
Ms Andrea McLellan
McMaster University
Robin Parker
Dalhousie University
Jackie Phinney
Dalhousie University
Andrea Quaiattini
McGill University
Ms Sadaf Ullah
McMaster University
University of Ottawa
Ms. Connie Winther
University of Alberta