Project/Committee Details - CHLA/ABSC
CHLA/ABSC Knowledge Synthesis Interest Group
The Knowledge Synthesis Interest Group provides opportunities for librarians and other Canadian health information professionals to discuss methodological issues and provide mutual support related to topics in knowledge synthesis (including systematic reviews, meta-analyses, realist reviews, scoping reviews, practice guidelines and other forms of synthesis). (CIHR, 2016)

The goals of the interest group are:
--To share knowledge about literature search methods and related aspects in knowledge synthesis.
--To network with individuals and institutions working in the field of knowledge synthesis.

CHLA/ABSC members can sign up to be members of this interest group using the link below. Both individual and institutional members are welcome.

To subscribe to our listserv (ks-list), please use this link:
Primary Contact:
Kelly Farrah
Contact Email:
Project/Committee Member Information
Charlotte Beck
Ms. Jill Boruff
Ms Helen Brown
Amanda Caputo
Rachel Couban
Jessie Cunningham
Lisa Demczuk
Orvie Dingwall
Ms Alissa Epworth
Kelly Farrah
Amy Faulkner
Genevieve Gore
Mikaela Gray
Sandra Halliday
Mrs. Jessica Hanley
Pamela Harrison
Ms. Caroline Higgins
Corinne Holubowich
Gayle Jessop
Ms Lucille Kiester
Ms. Mê-Linh Lê
Erica Lenton
Sandra McKeown
Marta Michas
Mr Martin Morris
Christine Neilson
Robin Parker
Michelle Purdon
Rebecca Raworth
Amanda Ross-White
Margaret Sampson
Lydia Thorne
Naz Torabi
Ms. Melissa Walter
Amanda Wanner