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Intelligent Water System
Whether you call it digital water, smart water, intelligent water, digital twins, or smart infrastructure, the water industry is progressing towards the digital utility of the future, the way we do business will change as well. Applying advanced data and analytics solutions through machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to make more informed decisions is emerging across the water, wastewater, and stormwater industry.

IWEA Intelligent Water System (IWS) committee has been established with the following mission:

Explore new technologies that will be the future of digital utilities. Advancements within the water and wastewater industry will be driven by
sensors, data management, process optimization, remote operation, smart equipment maintenance, and asset management decision support

Communicate, collaborate and expand knowledge across the sectors through utilities, digital water vendors, consultants, academics,
policymakers, and regulators.

Educate members in the water and wastewater community about data analytics and the benefits of leveraging ML and AI for optimizing every
aspect of the wastewater treatment processes including operational reliability, maintenance, process performance, energy demand,
environmental quality and compliance, and safety; and supporting decisions or long term capital planning.
Primary Contact:
Fenghua Yang
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