Sections/Interest Groups/Committees Details - Michigan Academic Library Association
Administration Section
The Administration (AD) Section will be concerned with all administrative and managerial aspects of academic libraries. The AD Section board will be responsible for approving applications for relevant Interest Groups and coordinating their activities. Areas that would be part of the AD Section include budgeting, personnel management, and leadership development.

These are meant only as a representative sample and not an exhaustive list.
Primary Contact:
Arlene Weismantel - Section Chair
Sections/Interest Groups/Committees Member Information
Heather Thomas-Ladiski
Arlene Weismantel
Francine Paolini
Elizabeth Walker
Julia Eisenstein
(Board Liaison)
Jennifer Dean
(At-Large Representative)
Ms. Mary O'Kelly
(At-Large Representative)
Ms. Sherle Abramson-Bluhm
Mary Beeker
Annie Belanger
Robbie Bolton
Mr. Steven K Bowers
Doreen Bradley
Cen Cheng
Ms Hui Hua Chua
Eric Condic
Julia Daniel Walkuski
Jeffrey Daniels
Stephanie Davis
Anita Dey
Marilyn Dow
Randy Dykhuis
Mr. Joseph Gajda
Paul Gallagher
Julie Garrison
Scott Garrison
Kay Granskog
Clifford Haka
Charles Hanson
Mike Hawthorne
Ms. Joyce Hommel
Mariela Hristova
Colleen Hyslop
Shellie Jeffries
Ms. Sarah Joseph
Dr. Mary Kickham-Samy
Heather Ladiski
Kendra Lake
Mr. Jeff Lash
Jane Lewandoski
Dr Jeff Luzius
Mr. David Malone
Elizabeth Martin
Sandra Martin
Karen McLaughlin
Karen McLaughlin
Mr. Brian Merry
Terri Miller
Rachel Minkin
Vince Molosky
Leah Morin
Ms. Kristen Motz
Ms. Kristen Motz
Ms Jennifer Nason Davis
Erik Nordberg
Dr. Stacy Nowicki
Dr. Stacy Nowicki
Dr. Stacy Nowicki
Mr. Eric Palmer
MS Gail Powers-Schaub
Karen Reiman-Sendi
Marcus Richter
Mrs. Lori Rinaldi
Patrick Roth
Joel Scheuher
Lynn Sheehan
Ms. Deb Shumaker
Bryan Skib
Renee Snodgrass
Steven Sowards
John Szilagyi
Ms. Laura Taylor
Ms Virginia Thomas
Christine Tobias
Lee Van Orsdel
Mrs. Laura Walton
Mrs. Jill Wurm
Sandra Yee
Mr. Brian Yost
Mr. Thomas Zantow