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The Web/UX IG will share expertise, evaluate and share tools, and provide professional development opportunities. We will explore, among other things, issues relating to web development, web design, accessibility, user experience, and usability--both in virtual and physical environments.
Primary Contact:
Brian Holda
Contact Email:
Interest Groups/Committees Member Information
Mr. Brian Holda
(IG Chair)
Mary Beeker
Suzanne Bernsten
Ms Teresa Biegun
Ashley Blinstrub
Mr. Steven K Bowers
Jennifer Brandon
Ms. Sela Constan-Wahl
Cynthia Dopp
Julie Gotch
Emily Hayes
Mr. Cole Hudson
Mr. Minhao Jiang
John Kroondyk
Megan Kudzia
Heather Ladiski
Mr. Jeff Lash
Denise Leyton
Kristen Mapes
Zoƫ McLaughlin
Sara Memmott
Elaine Meyer
Kristin Meyer
Grace Morris
Dr. Scott Russell
Mr. Joshua Sanchez
Jessica Shuck
Dr. Eunah Snyder
Jill Spreitzer
Ms. Laura Taylor
Heather Thomas-Ladiski
Mr. Brian Yost