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Open Educational Resources IG
The Open Educational Resources (OER) IG was created to advocate for the adoption of free, openly-licensed textbooks and teaching materials. This IG hopes to enable librarians to support faculty in finding, selecting, adapting, and curating OER.
Primary Contact:
Tina Ulrich
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Sections/Interest Groups/Committees Member Information
Tina Ulrich
Kendra Lake
Maira Bundza
Ms. Stacy Anderson
Katie Arwood
Chrystal Babbitt
Saxony Betts
Ms Teresa Biegun
Ms Veronica Bielat
Emanuela DeCenso
Mrs Marlene Edge
Julia Eisenstein
Jen Fiero
Heather Fisher
Kelly Frost
Corey Goethe
Regina Gong
Charlotte Griffith
Joelle Hannert
Emily Hayes
Amy James
Shellie Jeffries
Beth Johns
Dr. Mary Kickham-Samy
Ms. Nancy Kirkpatrick
Mrs. Molly Ledermann
Jane Lewandoski
Victoria Longfield
Helen Look
Katy Mathuews
Sandy McCarthy
Jill Morningstar
Debbie Morrow
Ms Jennifer Nason Davis
Ms Karen Nelson
Dr. Stacy Nowicki
Dr. Stacy Nowicki
Dr. Stacy Nowicki
Judith O'Dell
Mr. Eric Palmer
Michael Priehs
Christina Radisauskas
Ms. Julia E. Rodriguez
Fran Rosen
Ashley Rosener
Patrick Sanders
Dr. Yulia Sevryugina
Ms. Deb Shumaker
Jill Spreitzer
Timothy Streasick
Martha Stuit
Elizabeth Walker
Jennifer Zimmer
Mrs. Rochelle Zimmerman