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Mid-Level Leadership IG
The Mid-Level Leadership interest group was created to allow those in mid-level management/leadership an opportunity to foster discussions, presentations and develop programming and events around the topics of leading from the middle of an organization. The target audience for this interest group are those currently in middle-management positions as well as those who are interested in developing leadership skills.
Primary Contact:
Beth Martin
Contact Email:
Interest Groups/Committees Member Information
Elizabeth Martin
(IG Chair)
Rachel Minkin
(IGCC Liaison)
Crystal Agnew
Tracie Alger
Hillary Berry
Doreen Bradley
Kris Condic
Brent Domann
Cynthia Dopp
Megan Drapalik
Julia Eisenstein
Mr Joshua Enos
Matthew Farthing
Heather Fisher
Emily Frigo
Corey Goethe
Ms. Rebecca Grai
Alison Greenlee
Ms. Kelly Hovinga
Mr. Jon Jeffryes
Ms. Sarah Joseph
Ms. Bethany Kennedy
Heather Ladiski
Ms. Kate Langan
Francene Lewis
Helen Look
Ms. Elizabeth Lorbeer
Brooke Lowe
Deborah Margolis
Scott Mellendorf
Mr. Brian Merry
Samantha Minnis
Mrs. Brooke Moy Brooke Minore
Leah Monger
Ms. Kristy Motz
Ms. Tashia Munson
Ms Jennifer Nason Davis
Ms. Mary O'Kelly
Terence O'Neill
Benjamin Oberdick
Mrs. Amie Pifer
Mike Priehs
Geri Rinna
Dr. Scott Russell
Jennifer Sams
Mr. Jonathan Scherger
Heidi Schroeder
Lynn Sheehan
Meghan Sitar
Jill Sodt
Liz Svoboda
Mrs. Jamie Tiemeyer
Christine Tobias
Kim Webster
Kathleen Weessies
Carol Whittaker
Anthony Willard
Mr. Brian Yost
Jennifer Zimmer
Mrs. Rochelle Zimmerman