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The STEM Interest Group was created to foster the development, evaluation and promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics advocacy, best practices, collaboration and reference services to Michigan's academic librarians, library staff and the communities they serve
Primary Contact:
Elaine Meyer
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Sections/Interest Groups/Committees Member Information
Elaine Meyer
Jennifer Blossey
Sheila Bryant
Mr. Edward Eckel
Barbara Harvey
Clayton Hayes
Mr Gary Maixner
Debbie Morrow
Jamie Niehof
Christina Radisauskas
Rebecca Renirie
Fran Rosen
Patrick Sanders
Heidi Schroeder
Cynthia Simpson
Jill Spreitzer
Dawn Swanson
Eric Tans
Suzi Teghtmeyer
Joanna Thielen
James Van Loon
James Van Loon
Mrs. Ali VanDoren
Tom Volkening
Dawn Winans