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Distance and Online Learning IG
The Distance and Online Learning Interest Group will endeavor to foster professional development skills through the promotion of learning and collaboration. Best practices in teaching and information delivery will also be shared. This IG will also advocate for products, benefits, and other services on behalf of interested Distance and Online Learning IG members so that participants can better serve their schools and other constituents.

Topics to be included under this heading include, but are not limited to, the following:
Embedded librarianship
Distance and/or online learning
Delivery systems
Virtual reference
Online learning support
Virtual labs/applications/tools

These topics will be discussed as they apply to both physical and virtual environments.
Primary Contact:
Elizabeth Walker-Papke
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:
Interest Groups/Committees Member Information
Elizabeth Walker-Papke
(IG Chair)
Emily Hayes
(IG Vice Chair, Vice Chair)
Jennifer Adams
Caitlin Benallack
(IGCC Liaison)
Michelle Strasz
Jennifer Adams
Lisa Anderson
Ms. Nadine Anderson
Ms. Stacy Anderson
Ms Marwah Ayache
Ms April Barres
Mary Beeker
Suzanne Bernsten
Saxony Betts
Ms Teresa Biegun
Ms Veronica Bielat
Meredith Bishop
Jennifer Blossey
Doreen Bradley
Meagan Brown
Elizabeth Bucciarelli
Amber Lee Carnahan
Ms Courtney Cooney
Ms. Zia Davidian
Thad Dickinson
Brent Domann
Barbara Harvey
Ms. Alexandra Hauser
Margaret Hoogland
Heidi Keppen
Colleen Kothbauer
Heather Ladiski
Mr. Jeff Lash
Molly Ledermann
Jane Lewandoski
Denise Leyton
Ms Rocio Lopez
Ms. Elizabeth Lorbeer
Emily Mageski
Sandy McCarthy
Sophia McFadden-Keesling
Ms Rhonda McGinnis
Jane Meland
Samantha Minnis
Vince Molosky
Trista Nelson
Ms. Amanda Nichols Hess
Caryn Noel
Ms. Mary O'Kelly
Austin Phillips
Barbara Platts
Mrs Monica Porter
Dr. Michele Reid
Karen Reiman-Sendi
Mrs. Michelle Roberts
Ashley Rosener
Chelsea Ryan
Ms. Dianna Sachs
Valerie Salazar
Ms. Jane Scales
Ms. Erica Schiller
Jill Spreitzer
Michael Strahan
Duane Strojny
Liz Svoboda
Ms. Laura Taylor
Cassidy Ulsh
Sara Volmering
Betsy Williams
Dawn Winans