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Technical Services IG
The Technical Services Interest Group will provide a forum for Michigan academic librarians to connect and collaborate on issues related to all aspects of library technical services, including, but not limited to, collection development and acquisitions of both print and e-resources, collection management and preservation, serials management, and cataloging and metadata services.
Primary Contact:
Dawn Olmsted Swanson
Interest Groups/Committees Member Information
Dawn Swanson
(IG Chair)
Rachel Minkin
(IGCC Liaison)
Crystal Agnew
Mr. Jeremy Barney
Barbara Bolek
Alex Dark
Ms. Devon Davidoski
Ms Lauren Day
Heather Fisher
Regina Gong
Ms. Rebecca Grai
Kay Granskog
Alison Greenlee
Joelle Hannert
Jenifer Holman
Beth Johns
Ranti Junus
Mrs. Noelle Keller
Frances Krempasky
Heather Ladiski
Marcia Lee
Francene Lewis
Beth Lieberman
Ms. Elizabeth Lorbeer
Brooke Lowe
Kate Luebke
Maurine McCourry
Zoƫ McLaughlin
Mrs. Brooke Moy Brooke Minore
Linda Moore
Susan Panak
Mrs. Amie Pifer
Susan Ponischil
Geri Rinna
Fran Rosen
Ms. Dejah Rubel
Ms LeAnne Rumler
Ms. Erica Schiller
Nicole Smeltekop
Katherine Swart
Marianne Swierenga
Corinne Thompson
Mrs. Jamie Tiemeyer
Anthony Willard
Mr. Thomas Zantow