Interest Groups/Committees Details
Cataloging and Metadata IG
The Cataloging and Metadata interest group was created to work together to explore the changing environment of cataloging/metadata in libraries. Areas of interest include (but are not limited to) best practices for cataloging and metadata application, technological changes impacting cataloging/metadata, changes to standards of description including bibframe/rda/linked data, and staffing and training issues relating to these changes. Overall this IG will provide a supportive community as we adapt to a changing cataloging/metadata environment.
Primary Contact:
Nicole Smeltekop & Heidi Keppen
Interest Groups/Committees Member Information
Heidi Keppen Palmer
(IG Chair, IGCC Liaison)
Nicole Smeltekop
(IG Chair)
Sarah Baar
Jeremy Barney
Meredith Bishop
Jackie Blonigen
Mr Michael Bradford
Mr. Richard Buboltz
Mariel Carter
Julia Daniel Walkuski
Lori DeBie
Ms. Bonnie Dede
Judy Fetch
Corey Goethe
Mrs Melanie Golden
Mrs. Sarah Gray
Mrs. Sarah Henry Boggs
Mr. Aaron Kilgore
Lori Kirby
Devin Leatherman
Francene Lewis
Lisa Lorenzo
Kate Luebke
Janelle Manuel
Maurine McCourry
Rachel Melton
Kristin Meyer
David Motson
Amelia Mowry
Mrs. Laura Negus
Brice Neugent
S.E. Pavlica
Ms. Dejah Rubel
Misty Sanderson
Mr. Ethan Stevens
Marianne Swierenga
Mr. Larry Yaek