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Cataloging and Metadata IG
The Cataloging and Metadata interest group was created to work together to explore the changing environment of cataloging/metadata in libraries. Areas of interest include (but are not limited to) best practices for cataloging and metadata application, technological changes impacting cataloging/metadata, changes to standards of description including bibframe/rda/linked data, and staffing and training issues relating to these changes. Overall this IG will provide a supportive community as we adapt to a changing cataloging/metadata environment.
Primary Contact:
Amelia Mowry
Interest Groups/Committees Member Information
Amelia Mowry
(IG Chair)
Mr. Jeremy Barney
(IG Vice Chair)
Carin Graves
(IGCC Liaison)
Crystal Agnew
Ms April Barres
Joshua Barton
Barbara Bolek
Hayley Bommarito
Ms. Devon Davidoski
Ms Lauren Day
Cynthia Dopp
Matthew Farthing
Heather Fisher
Corey Goethe
Kay Granskog
Alison Greenlee
Joelle Hannert
Tim Kiser
Heather Ladiski
Francene Lewis
Ms. Elizabeth Lorbeer
Lisa Lorenzo
Kate Luebke
Andrew Lundeen
Thomas Magnuson
Maurine McCourry
Zoƫ McLaughlin
Mrs. Brooke Moy Brooke Minore
Trista Nelson
Susan O'Brien
Heather Perrone
Mrs. Amie Pifer
Susan Ponischil
Ms. Dejah Rubel
Emily Sanford
Nicole Smeltekop
Dawn Swanson
Marianne Swierenga
Beth Taylor
Mrs. Jamie Tiemeyer
Anthony Willard
Mrs. Rochelle Zimmerman