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E-Resources IG
The E-Resources Interest Group was created to look at all aspects of e-resources. This includes, but is not limited to:

Collection Assessment as a reporting tool
-Usage Stats
-Data visualization for reporting purpose

Trouble shooting/problem solving the technical aspects
-Broken links
-URL changes
-Platform changes
-IP address updates
-Displaying accurate holdings

Best Practices

Communications with Vendors
-Negotiating contracts

Collection Development
-Information about consortia resources or free resources
-Collaborating with selectors and faculty on purchase/usage
-Marketing resources

This is a forum to exchange information on these topics but not limited to the above topics. We might find there are topics of interest to the group about e-resources that have not yet encountered.
Primary Contact:
Patrick Roth & LeAnne Rumler
Contact Email:
Interest Groups/Committees Member Information
Patrick Roth
(IG Chair)
Ms LeAnne Rumler
(IG Chair)
Jessica Shuck
(IGCC Liaison)
Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Adams
Mr George Allen
Jeremy Barney
Ms April Barres
Mary Beeker
Saxony Betts
Ms Teresa Biegun
Meredith Bishop
Hayley Bommarito
Amber Lee Carnahan
Ms Hui Hua Chua
Ms Courtney Cooney
Stephanie Davis
Cynthia Dopp
Matthew Farthing
Scott Garrison
Jenifer Holman
Beth Johns
Ranti Junus
Jennifer Kohn Palecek
Frances Krempasky
Heather Ladiski
Helen Levenson
Francene Lewis
Helen Look
Ms Rocio Lopez
Ms. Elizabeth Lorbeer
Ms Kellie Madis
Emily Mageski
Ms Sarah Mainville
Mies Martin
Kevin McDonough
Molly McGuire
Zoƫ McLaughlin
Sara Memmott
Rachel Minkin
Vince Molosky
Amelia Mowry
Ms Jennifer Nason
Trista Nelson
Caryn Noel
Daria Orlowska
Mr. Eric Palmer
Demetria Patrick
Stephanie Pavlica
Austin Phillips
Mrs. Amie Pifer
Susan Ponischil
Mrs Monica Porter
Mrs. Michele Pratt
Geri Rinna
Mrs. Michelle Roberts
Meghan Rose
Fran Rosen
Ms. Dejah Rubel
Ms. Erica Schiller
Heidi Schroeder
Katherine Swart
Beth Taylor
Ms Virginia Thomas
Jana Thompkins
Cassidy Ulsh
James Van Loon
Tom Volkening
Elizabeth Walker
Shannon White
Mr. Brian Yost
Mr. Thomas Zantow