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Collection Analysis and Assessment IG
The Collection Analysis and Assessment Interest Group is dedicated to exploring the manifold ways in which librarians address concerns in areas such as physical space, budget allocations, collection diversity, and e-resource purchase and licensing. Additionally, this group is interested in looking at how institutions have employed discrete methods to work with these (and many other issues) pivoting around collection development.
Primary Contact:
Breezy Silver
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Ms. Breezy Silver
Jennifer Adams
Mr. Paul Beavers
Ms. Leslie Behm
Hayley Bommarito
Mr. Matthew Buckley
Ms Emily Campbell
Ms Hui Hua Chua
Rachael Clark
Julia Eisenstein
Corey Goethe
Regina Gong
Mike Hawthorne
Mr. Minhao Jiang
Ranti Junus
Ms. Iris Kovar-Gough
Frances Krempasky
Helen Levenson
Mrs. Francene Lewis
Helen Look
Sandra Martin
Katy Mathuews
Sandy McCarthy
Leah Monger
Leah Morin
Ms Jennifer Nason Davis
Ms Karen Nelson
Josh Olsen
Heather Perrone
Mr. Min (Richard) Ren
Mrs. Lori Rinaldi
Geri Rinna
Fran Rosen
Shannon Rossi
Patrick Sanders
Heidi Schroeder
Bryan Skib
Dr. Eunah Snyder
Mrs. Theresa Spiteri-Zaidel
Katherine Swart
Ms Virginia Thomas
Heather Thomas-Ladiski
Kim Webster
Mrs. Rochelle Zimmerman