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Library Vendor Relations IG
The Library Vendor Relations Interest Group will focus on library vendors specifically related to collection development issues. Although specific contract terms may be confidential, some useful services that vendors can provide are underused. Sharing information about what libraries have found useful can help others in collection analysis and purchase decisions. Discussion of online platforms and features offered by different vendors can also be valuable
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George Libbey
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George Libbey
Megan Bauerle
Sarah Beaubien
Mr. Steven K Bowers
Mr. Matthew Buckley
Ms Emily Campbell
Stephanie Davis
Helen Look
Sandra Martin
Vince Molosky
Ms Jennifer Nason Davis
Dr. Stacy Nowicki
Fran Rosen
Patrick Sanders
Timothy Streasick
Timothy Streasick
Martha Stuit
Katherine Swart
Ms Virginia Thomas
Mr. Brian Yost
Ms. Mary Jo Zeter
Ms. Mary Jo Zeter