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Critical Librarianship IG
The Critical Practice Interest Group was created to explore critical theory as it relates to libraries. Examples of this might include: incorporating critical pedagogies (i.e., gender, race, ethnicity, sexualities, class, space, and linguistics) into Information Literacy classes, social justice issues as they relate to libraries, serving under-served populations better, programming & collection development for more diversity & on social justice issues, various types of community outreach, and a whole host of other issues.
Primary Contact:
Ashley Rosener
Contact Email:
Interest Groups/Committees Member Information
Ashley Rosener
(IG Chair)
Andrew Lundeen
(IGCC Liaison)
Ms. Nadine Anderson
Caitlin Benallack
Mr. Steven K. Bowers
Meagan Brown
Allyssa Bruce
Ms. Zia Davidian
Ms. Devon Davidoski
Ms Lauren Day
Jennifer Dean
Thad Dickinson
Amber Dierking
Megan Drapalik
Heather Fisher
Emily Frigo
Kelly Frost
Amy Fyn
Sheila Garcia
Corey Goethe
Regina Gong
Carin Graves
Alison Greenlee
Ms. Taylor Gruizinga
Mr Ben Hall
Grace Haynes
Margaret Hoogland
Shellie Jeffries
Mr. Jon Jeffryes
Angie Kelleher
Kristin Kerbavaz
Chana Kraus-Friedberg
Heather Ladiski
Kendra Lake
Ms. Kate Langan
Molly Ledermann
Jane Lewandoski
Francene Lewis
Denise Leyton
Helen Look
Ms. Elizabeth Lorbeer
Ms Sarah Mainville
Kristen Mapes
Emilia Marcyk
Hazel McClure
Kevin McDonough
Sophia McFadden-Keesling
Molly McGuire
Zoƫ McLaughlin
Andrea McMillan
Samantha Minnis
Miss Mary Catherine Moeller
Grace Morris
Tina Mullins
Austin Phillips
Susan Ponischil
Mrs Monica Porter
Christina Radisauskas
Dr. Michele Reid
Geri Rinna
Lisa Robinson
Meghan Rose
Chelsea Ryan
Ms. Dianna Sachs
Valerie Salazar
Janis Salomon
Nicole Smeltekop
Jill Spreitzer
Ms Virginia Thomas
Ms. Lori Tschirhart
Ms. Rebecca Tull
Erika Weir
Todd Wiebe