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Resource Sharing IG
The Resource Sharing Interest Group will identify topics of interest to resource sharing practitioners in the region, facilitate discussions to improve workflows and efficiency, and enhance collaboration among academic libraries in the state of Michigan.
Primary Contact:
Brian Merry
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Sections/Interest Groups/Committees Member Information
Mr. Brian Merry
Gina Bolger
Hayley Bommarito
Mr. Steven K Bowers
Ms Emily Campbell
Cen Cheng
Mr. Michael Duffy
Mrs Marlene Edge
Corey Goethe
Ms. Rebecca Grai
Mike Hawthorne
Katie Iversen
Dr. Mary Kickham-Samy
Ms. Nancy Kirkpatrick
Leah Monger
Susan Powers
Mr. Min (Richard) Ren
Mrs. Melissa Rohen
Debbi Schaubman
Mr. Jonathan Scherger
Mrs. Theresa Spiteri-Zaidel
Martha Stuit
Ms. Laura Taylor
Amanda Tickner
Ms. Lori Tschirhart
Mrs. Brenna Wade
Mr. Thomas Zantow