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Residency IG
The Residency Interest Group was formed to provide support and education for librarians interested in diversity residency programs. This IG is intended to be a home for current residents, a source of ideas for libraries with diversity residency programs, and a catalyst for libraries interested in starting a diversity residency program at their institution. MLIS students considering a residency program in Michigan may also find participation in this IG valuable.
Primary Contact:
Andrea Salazar & Zoë McLaughlin
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Interest Groups/Committees Member Information
Zoë McLaughlin
(IG Chair)
Andrea Salazar
(IG Chair)
Carin Graves
(IGCC liaison)
Annie Belanger
Juliana Espinosa
Sheila Garcia
Preethi Gorecki
Kristin Kerbavaz
Heather Ladiski
Ms. Elizabeth Lorbeer
Barbara Platts
Mike Priehs
Ashley Rosener
Ms. Dianna Sachs
Mrs. Tamara Sawyer
Aja Scarlato
Arlene Weismantel