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Access Services IG
The Access Services IG was formed to help foster collaboration and provide professional development opportunities to support those interested in all aspects of Access Services. This IG will share best practices and facilitate discussion on areas including but not limited to circulation, student management, space planning, reserves, and stack maintenance.
Primary Contact:
Josh Olsen & Jon Scherger
Contact Email:
Interest Groups/Committees Member Information
Josh Olsen
(IG Chair)
Mr. Jonathan Scherger
(IG Chair)
Dawn Winans
(IGCC liaison)
Heidi Keppen
(IG Secretary)
Mrs. Monica Adams
Tracie Alger
Ms Marwah Ayache
Benjamin Boss
Meagan Brown
Emily Busch
Mr Robin Darling
Ms Lauren Day
Marci Euper
Heather Fisher
Ms. Bethany Kennedy
Terri Koyl
Heather Ladiski
Denise Leyton
Ms Rocio Lopez
Ms. Elizabeth Lorbeer
Kevin McDonough
Molly McGuire
Mr. Brian Merry
Trista Nelson
Ms. Mary O'Kelly
Stephanie Pavlica
Austin Phillips
Mrs Monica Porter
Susan Powers
Meghan Rose
Chelsea Ryan
Valerie Salazar
Holly Sorscher
Liz Svoboda
Mrs. Brenna Wade