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 Appliance Diagnosis Technician
Any city in the USA,
Posted: 12/15/20

Bruviti is the leading supplier of software tools for Call Centers and Service technicians for Home and Commercial appliances. Bruviti’s software tools help technicans triage customer issues by predicting faults and the parts required for a given cutomer complaint. We are focused on “white goods” home appliances such as refrigerators, laundry, cooking, and water heaters from all of the major brands.

We seek experienced appliance technicians to describe their diagnostic methodology for any or all of the appliance types.

We offer attractive hourly pay – and this is something that can be done in your spare time. All you need is a computer and ability to document

Here are the details:
Description: the Appliance Diagnosis Technician (Tech) we seek will have deep experience repairing any or all of the major home appliances. The assignment is to describe in a written document a detailed step-by-step description of how you would diagnose and repair an appliance issue. You will describe common problems with an appliance and the steps necessary to fix them. For example: a Customer may complain their “Broiler is not working”. You will describe possible causes of that issue and any additional questions/information you may need to determine whether it is a “starter issue” or “heating coil issue” or “operator error”. You will need to document generic issues related to an appliance as well as specific issues related to a specific brand. For example, a Generic issue may be ”Ice maker not working” for all refrigerators and the specific issue will be “Samsung ice maker issue”. There are many issues that can afflict any appliance and your description would cover each of the issues for that appliance.

Education Level Required: Appliance experience is the only required education

Location City: Any city in the USA, 00000, United States
Contact Person: Hiring Manager
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 1-408-422-1000
How to Apply:
Please email and reference this job posting
Direct Link: Click here for more info